Zeroing In On Your Demographics – Your Audience

One of the first questions that I like to ask of client prospects is this: “What is your target demographic?”.  I often tend to receive pretty vague answers, such as “all homeowners”, “everyone” and “not sure”. This is an important question, though.  The question translates to “Where should we focus our marketing efforts?”, which translates … Continue reading

With Display, Target The Who, Not The What – Understanding the customers Audience!

Today we’ll be building on our post from yesterday about demographics. Search marketing makes it so easy. You set up a campaign, pick some keywords and “voila”, you’re ready to go. Keywords are straightforward because the potential customer is literally typing the keywords they think will solve their problem. If you’ve talked to your customers … Continue reading

A Brief Introduction to the Wide World of Display Advertising

To say “I want to run some display ads” is a bit like saying “I want some shoes”. The first thing the person you’re talking to is going to do is most likely say “Ok,…” then ask a series of questions to get more of an idea of what you’re looking for. “What do you … Continue reading