Google Releases Video Series On Taking Your Local Business Online

Barry Schwartz on October 6, 2014 at 2:05 pm

Google’s Maile Ohye, a well-known personality in the SEO space, has published six-videos adding up to about 30 minutes, containing advice on bringing your local business online. Maile said this is the same advice that Googlers would give “our friends and family” and now they are sharing it with everyone.

In the first video, the introductory video, Maile said that having a web site is not necessary. Maile said, “unlike a decade ago, having a website today is helpful, but it’s certainly not a necessity.” By this she means you can use Google+, Yelp, Facebook and so on to have your online presence without creating a custom web site.

The video series goes through creating your business goals, finding your customers online, the various ways to implement your online strategy, and then two videos in more detail, one on differentiating yourself and the other on coming up with a consistent message for your customers.

Here are links to all six videos:

Video #1: Introduction and hot topics (3:22)

Meet my sister, Marnie, who owns a jewelry store and my cousin, Scott, who works as a realtor. Follow them as we talk about the big changes in the last decade, such as making sure your business can reach customers at work, home, or on-the-go using their mobile phones.

Video #2: Determine your business’ value-add and online goal (4:08)

With the example of Scott, the realtor, you’ll learn about the marketing funnel, setting an online goal, and highlighting what makes your business special.

Video #3. Find potential customers (7:41)

Marnie and Scott figure out their customers’ most common journeys to reach their business. We’ll use their examples to brainstorm how you can reach customers on review sites, through search engines, maps apps, and social and professional networking sites.

Video #4: Basic implementation and best practices (5:23)

The fundamentals and best practices to take your business from offline to online!

Video #5: Differentiate your business from the competition (5:09)

With Scott’s business as a realtor, see how to demonstrate that your local business is the best choice for customers by adding photos, videos, and getting reviews.

Video #6: Engage customers with a holistic online identity (4:51)

We’ll end the series by showing how Scott makes sure his online presence sends a cohesive message to customers and answers all their common questions. 🙂


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