Important Pay Per Click Changes In 2014 and What it Means For Advertisers

Paid internet advertising changes more than most people change their clothes, so it’s no surprise that we’ve already seen several changes this year In Adwords and Bing Ads. Normally these changes are insignificant, small interface changes, which serve no purpose other than making it more difficult for advertisers to find what they are looking for … Continue reading

YP CEO: We Were ‘Mobile First’ Before It Was Cool

David Krantz took the reins as YP CEO in 2012, when the listings directory spun away from AT&T Interactive, which was his former employer and the brand’s former parent. Since then, he’s been busy pushing what consumers for more than 125 years called the Yellow Pages—which rebranded to its snappier two-letter moniker in 2010—forward into … Continue reading

How To Find The Courage To Cold Call

Cold calling is one of those things that everyone has to do sometime in their life. Whether you’re a trained sales professional or just someone who’s looking to make connections at companies you’re interested to work at, I’ve heard of people literally sitting in front of the phone for hours, frozen stiff by their fear … Continue reading