Introducing Yahoo Gemini

The first unified ad marketplace for mobile search and native advertising When advertising appears seamlessly and naturally, it creates a more enjoyable experience for users, increases engagement, and improves performance for advertisers. This is why we continue to work hard to roll out new, more innovative native ad formats on Yahoo. Native advertising is the … Continue reading

How To Get Your Employees to Think Strategically

What leadership skill do your employees, colleagues, and peers view as the most important for you to have? According Robert Kabacoff, the vice president of research at Management Research Group, a company that creates business assessment tools, it’s the ability to plan strategically. He has research to back it up: In the Harvard Business Review, … Continue reading

YP Wants To Compete Directly With Google And Yelp In Local

When one looks across the local digital landscape there are many companies and apps but few consumer “brands.” In specific verticals, like travel or automotive, there are companies such as TripAdvisor or But “horizontally” on a national level there are very few top-of-mind, major players. That list starts with Google and Yelp and could … Continue reading

Key Qualities of a Great Salesperson

So why are some salespeople unable to hook a buyer as masterfully as they seal a deal? And why do many salespeople struggle to do both? Two words: Personal constraints. Personal constraints are those things that limit us as individuals – that hold us back. So what does a great salesperson looks like? While this … Continue reading