The Key To Customer Satisfaction? Just Take Care

It’s easy to grumble and groan about bad customer service, we all do it and we all experience it so when something really rather cool happens, I take note of it.

Over the last few weeks I have either heard stories of or have actually experienced myself a few things I would like to share. I share them because there might be an idea or two here that you can use for your own business.
•The real estate agent that carries a roll of red carpet in his car boot so that when he is showing people into a property, they have to walk up the red carpet. How do you think that makes them feel?
•I went to an appointment at an accountancy firm, to be greeted with not only a tray with teapot, cup, saucer and milk jug, but also a variety of chocolate biscuits. My own accountant who I pay each year has never offered me a drink yet.
•When my car goes in for service, the customer care team call about 1 week later to see if everything was satisfactory, and just as importantly, what can they do better next time?
•My car signage was peeling off after only 12 months and I thought I would have to get the remainder removed at my cost. The signage company simply said bring it in and we will do it all again for you. No trouble.
•The vet called to see how Molly my goat was after her visit.
•The dentist called to see how my sore tooth was after an investigative appointment couldn’t find the cause. They had me back in the chair all fixed the following day.

Today I received a condolence card signed by the vet and her team after Molly had to be put to sleep.

It’s the little things, the little touches of detail that make an experience special and stand out, even a sad one. It doesn’t take much, it just takes care.


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