Performance Management – Breeding Thoroughbred Leaders – Saeed A.

There is a reason why champion horses win. It’s because they are given undivided attention. Not whipped. Champions shine because they are nurtured. People are no different. If you were training a filly to become a champion, what approach would you take? Surely you wouldn’t expect to produce a Derby winner without considerable training and … Continue reading

The Key To Customer Satisfaction? Just Take Care

It’s easy to grumble and groan about bad customer service, we all do it and we all experience it so when something really rather cool happens, I take note of it. Over the last few weeks I have either heard stories of or have actually experienced myself a few things I would like to share. … Continue reading

Selling is a Team Sport

Ask citizens of soccer-playing nations what they think of US football, and they’ll mostly talk about piles of human bodies with some occasional running and kicking. The nuances of the role and skills of a 250-pound linebacker versus a 175-pound safety or wide receiver are usually lost on them. That’s the same impression most people … Continue reading