10 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Happy BY Geoffrey James

How to make sure your most important employees can do the best job possible. If selling your products or services requires a salesperson, your sales team is your most valuable resource. Here’s how to make sure that they’re both happy and productive: 1. Keep them in the loop. If you update your website without telling … Continue reading

How To Keep Your Title From Holding You Back

I don’t like job titles. Never have, and probably never will. I once visited a company with 9 Vice Presidents: There was a VP of Marketing, a VP of Sales, a VP of Engineering, a VP of Finance, a VP of Operations…you get the idea. Funny thing was, the company only employed 10 people. “Why … Continue reading

Customer Retention: Proactive and Reactive – Don Peppers

In a recent survey designed to illuminate how well businesses are adapting to the world of “Big Data,” more than 60% of executives rated their firms as weak or mediocre when it comes to using customer data today. Generating real business benefits by using customer data well, however, often involves some effort to improve customer … Continue reading

What Doctors Can Learn From Hip Hop Mogul Jay-Z

Do you know who Jay-Z is? If not, chances are your kids do. Jay-Z is one of the most successful rap artists of all time, and has parlayed that success into a career in fashion, merchandising, his own line of vodka, as well as an ownership stake in the NBA’s New Jersey Nets franchise that … Continue reading