Experiences that Make You Smile and Cry

I have been staying at this newish hotel on Leicester Square in London for the last few days. A couple of days ago an incident happened to me that once again reaffirmed my belief that one never stops learning. This experience made me cry and put a smile on my face at the same time. I thought of sharing it with you.

The doorbell rang in my room at 10.30 PM. I opened it and the person who checked me into the hotel a couple of days ago was standing there with a colleague of his. They said “Sorry to bother you but we are from the front office staff and we decided since we checked you in that you were polite, humble and a nice guy. When we checked your profile on LinkedIn we saw all your articles and the quotes you have been posting.”

Your words have touched us and the rest of the team so much that we have decided to make you a personalized calendar with quotes that we like, quotes you might enjoy too. They then handed me the cutest little colorful calendar with 13 colored pages and hand written quotes from May 3 to May 15. One quote for every day I am staying at their hotel.

I was speechless. It is these moments that take your breath away.

The lesson for me is twofolds. Lesson 1: Always, always treat people like you want to be treated. Lesson 2: If you are in the service industry, take time out to do something exceptional for your customers to make them smile and cry at the same time.


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