Bing Ads To Launch Ad Diagnostics Tool: Learn Why Your Ad Isn’t Running And How to Fix It

Bing Ads has made several announcements about upcoming feature updates over the past few weeks (see below in Related Articles), and they’ve made another today. bing-ads-featuredSoon, the Ad Preview Tool will get a new name and added functionality.

In its current form, you can use the Ad Preview Tool to validate whether your ads are showing for specific keywords. That functionality will remain, but the newly named Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool will also show you why your ads are not showing on the first page of Bing Ads results for a specific keyword.

According to the post, the new diagnostics features will allow you to:

  • Identify which keywords within your account could be delivered in response to a search term but being disqualified due to issues with:
    • Campaign quality (such as a low quality score)
    • Campaign settings (such as bid, budget, targeting, or negative keywords)
  • Receive actionable feedback to address those no-show reasons

Here is an example of what the diagnostics feedback will look like:

Bing Ads Advanced Diagnostics Reasons Example

The new version will still be located in the Tools section, which is a bit hidden away in the upper-right corner near Help.


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