Google’s 3 Steps To Optimizing Your Web Site (One Page Cheat Sheet)

Kaspar Szymanski a Search Quality Strategist based in Google’s Dublin office posted the official one page Google SEO cheat sheet designed to dumb down webmaster and SEO related techniques.

The Google SEO cheat sheet is in three steps:

(1) How to make your search results look good in the search results. Google recommends you craft your titles properly, make sure your domain name and file name structure is descriptive of the page content and tailor useful and descriptive search descriptions.

(2) Enable Google to really understand your images by giving them descriptive file names, use the alt attribute and write short captions below the image.

(3) Write the best and most useful content, while not forgetting to continue to keep adding useful and unique content to your web site.

Those are Google’s 3 main points when it comes to optimizing your website for Google’s search results.

Here is the PDF that you can download yourself, print out and distribute to your developer, marketing and content teams.


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