Keyword Study Tool – Google Freshness and Trends

Use Fresh Content to Boost Your SEO with Keyword Study Tool Like Google Alerts and Google Trends

You keywords should be optimized regularly using different keyword study tools, most of which are free. Google offers users the option find relevant fresh content over cached information when required. If you were to type into your search query: Olympic stats, Google would look to the latest information posted online to find the results. If on the other hand you were looking for “how to mix peach color”, Google would refer to a vast index of cached information to select pages to offer back to you.

Website owners and DIY SEO can use keyword study tools like this to determine what words are optimal to drive traffic to your site this week, or this month, or for today. (depending on how often you work on your site)

Here are a few ways to integrate more keyword study tools into your SEO strategy:

1. Pay attention to the news. If you connect with trends and news outlets below – you are sure to find some kind of content you can connect with, leverage with, to help drive visitors to your site. (Of course the second stage is what you are doing with them when they arrive – but you must start somewhere right?)

2. Keep Writing! Consistency is Key – When you are connecting to latest news ideas or trends – you won’t have time to write like time honored novelist – you just have to get the news out there and get your share of traffic while the heat is on.  So write 2 or 3 paragraphs (even short ones) with your keywords inserted.  (Remember only 2 keywords per short article.  You can use them several times, in fact you should, but don’t try to use too many different keywords at one time).   You can’t wait for 2 weeks and expect to get the traffic, so write a bit, connect to other resources, show a You Tube video, etc.

3.  Use Google + to Your Advantage  Obviously Google is going to favor their own tools.  SO use them.  If you are really good at posting on Facebook, learn to be really good at posting on Google+ and use Feedburner (owned by Google) for your RSS feed (meaning the subscribe tool people use to subscribe to your content). Encourage your readers to like your article on Google+ for even more leverage. Be sure to add the Google+ option to your website.


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