Why Consultative Selling Doesn’t Work

Why Consultative Selling Doesn’t Work Forget becoming a trusted adviser. Customers want a manager not a consultant. For decades, sales pundits have been advising companies to practice a “consultative” style of selling. It was bad advice then and it’s bad advice now. The idea behind consultative selling is simple. Rather than acting like a salesperson … Continue reading

Why Startups Should Take A Big Brand Approach to Marketing Branding and Marketing

No-Cost Ways to Increase Your Sales This Year

It’s time to make sure that 2012 is a better year for sales than the past year. But don’t expend a ton of resources for overhauling your sales operations just yet. There are many sales-boosting activities an entrepreneur or sales manager can do that cost little or nothing at all. Sometimes it’s just a matter of doing … Continue reading

The Difference In Keyword Research For SEO vs. PPC

Often when I complete a keyword research project for a client, they ask me about keywords I may not have included, or they want to know what the relative competition on the keywords looks like. This happens often enough that I thought I would remind everyone that while research for SEO and PPC can go … Continue reading

Small Business Tips to Foster Innovation

 Small Business Tips to Foster Innovation 1. Hire diverse talent The first step toward creating an innovative culture is to have the right employees in the fold. In addition to workers who are self-motivated and trustworthy, consider striving for a workforce that embraces diversity. Diversity is often framed in terms of race and gender, but cultivating a … Continue reading

The Most Common Problems With Local Business Listings

Two weeks ago, Greg Sterling and I published “YQ,” a study on the state of location data for Yext, where we discovered (surprise!) that the state of business location data on the Web is pretty messy. The study provided us with the opportunity to look at patterns among thousands of Yext’s customers, and I thought … Continue reading

Google Maps Takes Users To The Highest Mountain Peaks In The World

Google Maps offered users breathtaking views of the world’s highest mountain peaks today with the launch of 360-degree images from Aconcagua in South America, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mount Elbrus in Europe, and the base camp at Mount Everest in Asia. Taken with a lightweight tripod and digital camera using a fish-eye lens, a group … Continue reading

I’m cutting back on advertising

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops the clock to save time.” Henry Ford defending his marketing budget during the Depression.

Optimize Your Site – Help Google Understand Your Site

Google’s 3 Steps To Optimizing Your Web Site (One Page Cheat Sheet)

Kaspar Szymanski a Search Quality Strategist based in Google’s Dublin office posted the official one page Google SEO cheat sheet designed to dumb down webmaster and SEO related techniques. The Google SEO cheat sheet is in three steps: (1) How to make your search results look good in the search results. Google recommends you craft your titles … Continue reading