Urban Markets Still See Strong Print Yellow Pages Usage; Rural Markets Much Stronger

Market Authority, Inc. announces 67% of Urban U.S. consumers report at least occasional use of Print Yellow Pages based on its recently completed study including 39,097 live interviews with U.S. consumers.

Consumer usage of print Yellow Pages has not greatly waned over the last six months even though consumers have more choices, according to a study including 39,097 live interviews with urban and rural US consumers performed by Market Authority, the leader in print/digital search pattern research. However, perception in urban as well as in rural markets shows a stark contrast between what consumers believe about local search and how consumers actually find a local business.

“The perception that print Yellow Pages is all but dead in urban environments has significantly impacted the revenues of major publishers,” said Steve Sitton, president of Market Authority. “However, based upon our research (including over 150,000 live consumer metropolitan interviews in the last few years) that belief is highly exaggerated.”

According to Market Authority’s last summation of 19 US Urban Areas, 67% of consumers in urban households report using the printed directory at least occasionally when searching for a local business; however the standard urban consumer perception is that only 19% use the print Yellow Pages. Among older consumers, such as Baby Boomers and Seniors (48+), print usage is much stronger.

“The staying power of printed Yellow Pages in Metro areas is a bit surprising even to us,” Sitton continued. “For years now, we have been very closely watching the rate of migration from print local usage to digital local usage by American consumers. The movement from print to digital local search appears to have slowed a bit over the last year.”

In rural markets, print usage remains extremely strong, with nearly 90% of consumers reporting that they still use the printed directory at least occasionally when searching for a local business. And, as with urban areas, Baby Boomers and Seniors in rural markets report even stronger print usage.

Steve goes on to say; “Our research suggests that print Yellow Pages should still be a key part of an SMB’s (Small to Medium Size Business) budget in Urban areas and should still dominate the budget in a rural areas.”

About Market Authority
Market Authority is the world’s leading authority in Print/Digital direct search pattern research, having interviewed (live) over 350,000 world consumers over its four-year history. The company has built an approach (the Dual Imperative) that helps media companies demonstrate the value of printed media as well as that of Digital products in their local markets. To learn more about Market Authority, visit us at http://www.marketauthority.org.


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